Best Nail Strengtheners to Repair Brittle and Peeling Nails

At one point in life, your nails might become weak and brittle and eventually begin to peel and chip. Thanks to the recent innovations in the beauty industry, various nail products like DND, OPI, and SNS nails have been developed to solve the problem of brittle nails. However, even when using the most modern products, your nails might still become weak and brittle. The nature of your nail polish can be the cause of your weak and brittle nails. Nonetheless, the condition can also arise from exposure to water through sanitizing or hand washing and removal of gel nail polish and habits like nail-biting or picking, among others. Therefore before you visit a gel, acrylic, SNS, OPI, or DND nail supplies store to accuse them of selling toxic products, it is worth knowing that a range of factors causes the condition and that it is reversible. The American Academy of Dermatology reported that 20% of the world’s population has brittle nails. Everybody is prone to the condition, but it is more prevalent in women aged over 60 years.  In observation of 1300 panelists who attended a poll in a beauty lab at Good Housekeeping Institute, 76% of the attendants had brittle nails, making it the most significant worry.

Luckily various hand creams and nail strengthening treatments have been developed to combat brittleness and rejuvenate the nails’ health and strength. You can use efficacious hand creams made up of occlusives like petroleum and mineral oils, emollients like lanolin or humectant ingredients such as lactic acid and urea, which enhance the hydration of both skin and nails. Serum-like strengtheners are also viable nail strengthening options. Besides having a high absorption degree, they are made up of moisturizers that help rehydrate brittle or dry nails. Strengthening varnishes are used to make the nails glossy and on brittle nails to improve their thickness, enforce tips, and seal the nails with a hard coating, thus offering protection against damage.

A product like formaldehyde should be avoided when looking for nail strengtheners because it hardens the nails in the short-run, but then its ingredients make the nails absurdly brittle in the long run. Formaldehyde can also cause severe allergic reactions to its users. But there is no need to worry because this article provides you with nail strengtheners and hardeners that have been tested, approved, and recommended by the world’s best dermatologists.

SI-NAILS Nails strengthener

This award-winning nail strengthener is readily absorbed into the nails without leaving behind a coating or film. Clinical results indicate that in just 28 days of using the product, the thickness, roughness, and appearance of the nails significantly improve. It also makes the nails harder and smooth. 

Hard as Nails Hardener

This is a Sally Hansen made formulation that has stood the test of time for being in the market since 1957. It is famous for its ability to provide the nails with a glossy and hard barrier that deters nail damage. Additionally, it is available in tinted and clear variants to prevent nail discoloration.

Advanced Repair Hand Crème

Keeping the nails hydrated is one of the most effective tricks of strengthening weak and brittle nails. Using an efficacious hand cream provides your nails with the hydration they need. This Eucerin contains lactic acid and urea in its formulation to nourish the nails. Within just 6 hours of using the product, your nails hydration will have increased by up to 51%.

Nail Renewal System

Using this, Dr. Dana’s 3-step nail system has been proved to be a turnaround for weak and brittle nails. It works by combining a hydrating serum, a buffing wand, and a glycolic acid exfoliator to improve your frail nails’ appearance. Less peeling is achieved after just one application. Applying the product for two weeks restores the brightness of your nails.

Nail Envy Sensitive and Peeling

This OPI Nail Envy is a formaldehyde-free nail strengthener that contains ingredients that actively shield the nails from damage. It also makes use of kukui nut oil that softens the nails.

Strong Start Nail Treatment

Essie’s nail strengthening base coat is a double-duty formula that goes under all the nail polish layers. It is made in such a way that it acts as a base coat equipped with nail strengthening ingredients. With Essie’s formula, you do not need a separate base coat.


Nail strengthening requires absolute devotion. If you do not find a suitable nail strengthener from the list above, you can also try Nailtrition, Sapphire Strength Mega Growth Nail Polish, Nail Strengthener, or the Makeover Ridge Filler for the best results. Do not be ashamed of weak and brittle nails. Just visit a nail supplies store and ask for a certified and approved nail strengthener of your choice. It will take the shame away by strengthening and nourishing your nails.