Maintain the Curly Hair Naturally at Home

Curly hair looks fantastic, and it often becomes a hectic job for the women to maintain them. Some of you have thick curls, whereas few others have thin and delicate curls. There are a few issues, which even you may face when the hair is curled. For instance, frizz, dry hair, or even breakage. It does not matter whether you have 3C or 3A curls, these challenges are typical for everyone.

Curly Hair

Few Mistakes to Avoid

Generally, we all make inevitable mistakes while cleansing the curly hair. Let us see the factors, which create the problems more, and the solution to it.

Over-Washing Hair

The first and foremost issue which all of us do is over-cleansing the hair no matter what type it is. Generally, this is extremely unhealthy for curly hair. If you use extra shampoo and conditioner, it may start ruining the scalp condition to a worse state. There are best shampoos and conditioners for curly hair that are mild in nature available in the market. You can surely research on them and get them according to your preference.

The texture of the permed hair needs to retain the oil balance on its own. Therefore, to avoid damage, you can try the best permed hair shampoo once or twice a week.

Scalp Cleansing   

Always remember to rub and clean the scalp thoroughly. Do not indulge in much conditioning. You need to scrub the scalp to eliminate the dirt and dandruff well. Massage gently with the fingertips to get the best results.

Leave-In Conditioners

Nourishment and the proper balance of hydration are necessary for your curly hair. A regular conditioner is not sufficient for this. You need a better leave-in conditioner to retain the texture of your curls.

Another added advantage of these conditioners is the prevention from breakage and split ends. Even there are several best shampoo for curly hair, which are found to provide UV protection.

Say No to Sulfates

We strongly recommend our readers to ignore products, which have sulfates and creates more dehydration in your hair strands. Go for moisture-based hair products that can maintain the finely detailed curls.


While buying combs for your curly or permed hair, go for wide-tooth designed items. If you want, you can even skip the idea of combing and continue setting your hair with your fingers. Do not comb your hair in a wet state. Further, this results in more hair breakage.

Heat Application   

Applying heat with straighteners or dryers should be restricted, which makes your curl looks lifeless. Moreover, heating the curly hair may cause the dehydrated strands in a few weeks. Again, if you are a fan of any mousse or hair spray, try investing in products, which have less alcohol percentage.

Natural Remedies

Here are a few quick solutions, which you can try at your home to get those bouncy curls with a natural shine.

  • Prepare a green smoothie for your curls. Add avocado with olive oil 2tsp and honey. You can also add coconut milk or natural milk according to the availability. Apply this on your curls to get the ultimate bright curls.
  • If you are facing issues with hair breakage or want to grow more hair curls, try this fantastic DIY growth solution mask. For this, you will need ginger and onion. Make juice out of them. Apply this once a week before cleansing your hair. Both ginger and onion work brilliantly against split end too.

To get the thick curls, you also need to go for hair trimming or cutting. Beautiful haircuts can you are your curls look more pronounced. Along with this, you can use the natural masks and hair products available in the market.