Must-Have Items Nail Art Lovers Needs in their Manicure Kit

Visiting the nail salon on a regular basis can be impossible for some women. If you cannot commit to a bi-weekly appointment for your killer nail art, you can also do it on your own. Here are some of the cool tools that you’ll need in your manicure kit if you want to take your nail game to the next level.

1. Top Coat

A topcoat will not only give your nails protection. It will also give your nails a different finish. Say you use a shiny coat, then you have a shiny nails on the other hand if you use matte topcoat then you’ll get a non-glossy mod finish that will give your nails a cool-girl look.

2. Dotter Tool

Sometimes called a Nail Pen, a dotter tool will allow you to create designs with series of circles. This tool is perfect for creating tiny or large dots in seconds.

3. Studs/ Stones/ Gems

If you want your nails to look like a million dollar, a substantial 3-D embellishments will do the trick. From tiny studs, metallic circles, colored domes, iridescent shavings, gems, rhinestones, pearl and many more. You can pick get these and more on DTK Nail Supply.

4. Good Quality Staple Shades of Nail Polish

Classic shades like pink, red, white and black polishes are a must kit in your kit because they are useful when creating nail art. It is important that you buy quality nail polishes to make sure that you can use it for a long time. In buying nail polishes, it is more practical to buy wholesale nail supplies so you can get big savings.

5. Loose Glitter

If you want to take your boring single colored nail, just sprinkle a little loose glitter and you’ll have a salon-created looking nails. You can either spread it all over the nail or concentrate on the tip of your nail for an ombre effect. Either way, it will definitely look chic. Besides, glitter nail is the most forgiving so there is no right or wrong way to do it.

6. Nail Stickers

Just like glitters, nail stickers or nail wraps can give your hand an instant pop look. This is perfect if you don’t have time to create a cool nail art. Using this can give your fingertips a notice-me nails look.

7. Striper Brush

Thin brush is also a must have as it enables you to create thin lines and intricate details. Having this can help you have beautifully crafted nails without having to pay much at the salon. Just make sure you properly clean the brush with nail polish remover before dipping it into another color if you’re using multiple shades.

8. Nude Polish

There are times when you are not in the mood to wear loud nail art, especially if you are attending an interview. For instances like this, you need to have a nude or barely there polish so you can wear a shade but don’t want it to be noticeable. Nude nails also creates the illusion of long fingers.

9. Metallic Nail Polish

Metallic polishes like gold, rose gold, purple, mermaid blue, and silver are the new neutrals and can be worn with anything these days. If you are feeling a little extra, you can add some nail stickers or gems in it and you can create plenty of looks with what you already have.

10. LED Nail Lamp

If you want to complete your salon experience, you should also get your own LED Lamp. There are online stores that sells mini LED Lamp perfect for DIY-er like you.  This is a must have because some gel polishes require LED lamp to cure and also it hardens the formula for a longer lasting result.

11. Dipping Powder Nail Supply

One of the latest trend this last decade is LDS dipping powder. It stands in the middle between acrylic and gel polishes. They are said to be safer and longer compared to the two. Since it was popularized in social media, it has becoming a trend and more and more people are trying it. With the tutorials available online, you can create your own look in no time.

12. Vibrant Shades

For days where you feel like being bubbly and vibrant, having colorful nails will give you the feels. Vibrant shades like fuchsia, teal, hot pink, orange, yellow, etc will give your nails instant pop look.

If you are a beginner and looking to complete your manicure set, consider checking out this page so you can get the great tools for your nails as well as great deals. There are plenty of shades and products to choose from. Who knows, your DIY nails can lead to you opening your own salon.